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BURKE AND WILLS - What Went Wrong?

The Burke and Wills Expedition didn’t go to plan. These two explorers set out, but unfortunately didn’t complete the expedition as they expected. Dayv has drawn from the experiences of this difficult trip to highlight how travellers can avoid making similar mistakes.

Read this blog on Burke and Wills learnings.

Australia is a harsh continent as shown in this great Vlog.

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Car Axle loads

Car and Trailer Weights- 5 Car Axle Loads

Car and Trailer Weights - The Words (and Letters) We Use 5. Car Axle Loads Just as your car has a Maximum Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)...
Gross Trailer Mass

Car and Trailer Weights- 4 Gross Trailer Mass

Tare Mass, Gross Vehicle Mass, Aggregate Trailer Mass and Tow Ball Mass.
How to tow a boat

Car and Trailer Weights – 3 Tow Ball Mass

Car and Trailer Weights - The Words (and Letters) We Use 3. Tow Ball Mass A Recap of ATM As I discussed in my previous article on...
aggregate trailer mass

Car and Trailer Weights- 2 GVM and ATM

Car and Trailer Weights - The Words (and Letters) We Use GVM and ATM 2a. Gross Vehicle Mass GVM In my previous article, we explored what Tare...
Car Axle Loads

Car and Trailer Weights Tare Mass

Car and Trailer Weights - The Words (and Letters) We Use Tare Mass In simple terms, the Tare Mass of your car or trailer is its...
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Car and Trailer Weights- Mass

  Car and Trailer Weights - The Words (and Letters) We Use One thing in the world of camping and travel that attracts a lot of...


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Hema Trails

Crossing the Simpson Desert Australia

Rig Maintenance

Winter Fuel in Your Diesel Tank

Winter Fuel in Your Diesel Tank

Winter Fuel in Your Diesel Tank Here in Australia, we often don’t think too long or hard about Winter diesel fuels in our car’s tanks. This...
overtaking turning vehicle

Distribution of Weights when Towing

LoadGood Load Calculator Do you know the effect on your axles and ball load if adding bicycles to the trailer drawbar or adding a spare...
Towing a trailer and knowing the weight on the ball of the vehicle

Ball Weight Calculator

Calculating the effects of Ball Weight Your car and tow bar has a maximum tow ball weight. Whichever is the lesser, is the maximum amount...

Camp and Travel is proud to support Hema Maps and the release of their new GPS platform HX-2.

The move from HX-1 to HX-2 primarily means the move from a Raster style of digital mapping (with cell like bits of information) to a Vector style where the data is presented more truely as lines, points and polygons). This means that the zoom capabilities are much much better. But there’s more…

On top of this there’s a whole range of enhancements that brings the HX-2 to be the modern platform you’d expect, and rely upon, when out and about exploring Australia’s highways, roads and tracks.

Head to their website for more news on the range of products available.

Around the camp fire news

Camping and bushfires

Australia’s Bushfires

Article originally published December 2019 when these areas were hit hard by bushfires. Now 2022 we see floods in some of the same areas. After...
Free camping Australia

The New Normal for Grey Nomads Today

Australia's Grey Nomads There’s a ‘breed’ of camper and traveller known as Grey Nomads. These are those who have generally retired or accessed their nest egg...
Camping with kids

I am an amateur camper

Kathie Baker writes:- There’s loads of ways to see the world. This website is all about camping and travelling and with Covid knocking at our...

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the loadgood app

LoadGood App for towing and loading

Do you know the affect on the car or trailer’s axles, or perhaps the ball weight, when:

  • you move the family dog from the back seat to the rear part of the car?
  • you put that carton of beer, the fridge, the extra spare tyre and the swag in the back of the ute?
  • you remove a jerry of water from the drawbar?
  • you place 3 bicycles on the back of your trailer?

Our LoadGood Post explains further. Click here 

The ‘LoadGood’ App will help you:

  • Calculate Ball load impact on the Car’s Rear Axle;
  • Calculate your Car’s Multiplier for Ball to Car Rear Axle ratio;
  • Calculate the impact on Ball and Trailer/Car Axle Loads of adding, removing or moving items in the Trailer;
  • Calculate the impact on Car Axle Loads of adding, removing or moving items in the Car;

Once you’ve calculated the impacts on the axles, ball and the whole rig of adding, removing or moving these loads, you’ll be able to see how they can help you stay within safe / legal levels.

How do you weigh your car and trailer:

The spreadsheet provided explains further. Car and Trailer Loads Explained

Get the App – click here