Backpacking in Australia beware
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With the threat of the Zombie Flu (COVID-19) spreading through Australia (and the rest of the World), countries, states, territories and regions are closing their borders or requiring isolation / quarantine upon entry.

With this in mind, Out&About with Dayv’s wed-developer partner in Victoria (Kathie) reached out to a backpacker and offered him some safe harbour in his time of need.

Now, holed up in a campervan on Kathie’s property, James (a 22 yo Brit’) is now happy to use some of his spare time with us on to share with us some of his experiences and learnings gained while travelling and working here.

James now finds himself jobless, a very long away from home and sitting the virus out in a “strange land”.

Let’s see how he copes living through the Coronavirus lockdown with his new Australian family and ‘inside the tent’ with his new family at “Camp and Travel”. Please make him welcome...

The Australian Defence force recruits Magpies

James Greaves (Blog 1)

Location: Gold Coast, Australia – in country 2 months.

Season: Spring

British backpacker invades Magpie territory on the Gold Coast

T’was a fine mid-afternoon one September day on the Gold Coast as I casually pedalled to work.  Somewhat lost in my thoughts, I was completely oblivious to what lay in wait.  Me being an innocent Brit on his cycle commute had no idea.


The Australian Magpie

Tourists beware of Australian wildlife

What the %$+##…..

I was under attack from a bird which I recognised from my home country.  Back home this bird is no threat – shiny objects & kitchen foil are its main keen interests.


The Australian Magpie!

This magpie came out of no-where, swooping with the precision of a well-trained fighter pilot bearing down and ready to take out his enemy.  My bright red helmet, designed to withstand impacts, and fully compliant with the Australian Standards offered little resistance against this beast of the sky.

Confused, somewhat intimidated and completely out of my depth as to how to protect myself I dismounted my cycle, to stand against this opponent.   I felt we were at war.

But I had no idea how to deal with it…

Was the target me or my red helmet?  Was it time to discard the only piece of armoury I had?

I waved and yelled, obscenities and threats did not stand up to the onslaught of the Magpie. Dismounting, I stood proud and tall against this Australian bird, defending my manhood and national pride.

What is this Magpie’s problem – I needed out and my bike was my way out.

Luckily, it worked.

I knew about the crocs and the spiders and the sharks and the snakes and the jellyfish, the mosquitoes and the flies, but no-one warned me about the Magpies.

Nesting season, this should be in the tourist brochures!

The following day I purchased a big pack of zip ties for my helmet.   (Youtube – anti Magpie swoop tips).

Known as the Brit with the zip ties I rode for the next several months with the ties attached to my bright red helmet.  Now a local celebrity, for all the wrong reasons, my Aussie mates poked fun until I’d had enough and discarded the zip ties.

So my fellow travellers, those who are not of this country, be prepared.

Mosquitoes love new blood

Sand flies are sneakier than mosquitoes

Flies – definitely not on the endangered species list

Snakes, loads of different types and I don’t know the good ones from the bad ones, so avoid all

Kangaroos – another story

Cassowaries – just remember to keep away

Jellyfish – keep out of the water, take a bath instead

Spiders – refer to snakes

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