Betoota Hotel by night outback Qld

Visiting the Betoota Hotel in Outback Qld

So, what’s the go with the Betoota Hotel in Outback Qld?

To better understand why I’m writing this blog about the Betoota Hotel I suggest you do one thing for me. Go to Google Maps and do a search for it – now turn on Satellite view and zoom out.

This is what you see…

Betoota township in outback Qld

Google Maps View of the Betoota Township

Not much hey?

The Betoota Hotel is located a relatively short 170 kilometres east of Birdsville in far south-west Queensland, Australia.

The Betoota Hotel is remote

Yes it’s remote, but still the powers that be have built a new road that by-passes the ‘town’. Not that the road through town is much of a deterrent.

So let’s zoom in a bit…
Betoota Hotel aerial view

Google Maps View of the Betoota Hotel

Yep. That’s the Betoota Hotel. Perhaps not much from up here, but down on the ground it is an oasis for any traveller and its character reflects its isolation.

Betoota Hotel in Outback Queensland

Betoota Hotel – Built in the 1880’s

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Chat to the locals at the Betoota Pub

Take time to chat with Robbo (the unelected town Mayor) and Wayne, Robbo’s wife Wendy, David the barman and the rest of the staff.  You’ll soon see a tinge of madness (the nice kind) that must come from renovating and running an isolated pub that had been abandoned and left derelict for some 22 years.

Pubs in outback Qld

Robbo and Staff at the Bar

Some Facts on the Betoota Pub

Built in the 1880s, the pub has now been renovated to cater to travellers wanting a break (beer, rum and food plus mechanical work, tyre repairs and companionship) when travelling between Windorah and Birdsville – a stretch of 379kms trough Queensland’s Channel Country.

Betoota Hotel Outback Qld

The Betoota Hotel as it was – Photo on display at the Betoota Hotel

Renovations were completed at the start of Covid Lockdowns in March 2020, but the pub was able to finally reopen in July that year – just on twelve months ago when I visited.

If you get in by 5:30pm you’ll be able to book in for a smorgasbord dinner (cooked by Robbo) and even make a booking for breakfast.

What’s the go with camping?

Camping across the road is free and hot showers can be had for $5. Dinner is $25 and the big mega-arse Betoota Hotel stickers (a must have for me) are $10. If you need accommodation that’s there too from what I saw. You can even fly in on the local airstrip.

Dinner at the Betoota Hotel Outback Qld

Guests Tucking into a Smorgasbord Dinner – No Strangers Here

But, my word of advice is that pulling in around 5:30pm is way way too late. You have to stop earlier, have a quick beer in one of Australia’s most iconic pubs and make reservations for dinner.  Set yourself up on the open area in front of the hotel (before it’s too late) and head in for a beer or two or perhaps a rum, watch the sunset, have dinner and laugh the night away around the bar or fire pit.

Sunset in outback Qld

Betoota’s Sunsets Are Not to be Missed – Especially with a Beer in Hand

My night at the Betoota Pub

The night I was there, there was an impromptu whip cracking display by Wendy and a competition for the guests. The brother and sister that won were more than delighted with the unexpected prize they each received.

My other piece of advice is, if you’re camping on the ground in a swag or tent, take a small rake to push aside the rocks.

The Betoota Hotel isn’t a registered petrol station. But, Robbo and the team are more than happy to assist any traveller who may be in distress.

If you do go please say hi from me and see if you can find my business card behind the bar.

Betoota Hotel Outback Qld

 Dayv Was Here at Betoota Hotel in Outback Qld

Oh, and before you ask… The Betoota Advocate is not published in town.


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