Bribie Island

A quick trip to Bribie Island

Join me as I take a quick one day trip up to Bribie Island, South East Queensland, Australia. Bribie is just over an hour north of Brisbane – and a world away once you’re on the beach. You don’t need a four wheel drive to get to the island itself (and there’s a bridge) and there’s still beaches to swim at and fish from. Pumicestone Passage, the calm water on the islands western side offers recreational options for fishing and boating. Fishing on the eastern side is also good. For surfers though, the island is protected by Moreton Island to the east (across Moreton Bay) and big waves only really roll in with storms and strong winds.

4WDs on Bribie Island

For four-wheel drivers wanting a great drive with easy access to the beach, Bribie is a great spot. At low tide, beach access and egress is a breeze ( If travelling at high tide, access to, or from, the northern end of the island is via the inland track (….). For beach access and camping enquires, check out…. Enjoy, good luck fishing and bring your rubbish back.

A closer look at Bribie Island

Join Dayv as he takes you on an introductory drive on Bribie Island’s beach – just an hour or so north of Brisbane, Queensland. Dayv introduces you to tides, tyre pressures, airing-down your tyres, the use of an iDrive to reduce diesel lag in the throttle control, parking-up in the dunes and just relaxing. It’s always recommended that you travel with someone with the necessary experience and equipment. But, carrying your own recovery tracks; snatch strap; rated shackles and recovery points; a shovel and compressor are always good for starters. Oh… and don’t travel on the beaches approximately 2 hours either side of high tide.


Shade tent

Great way to protect yourself from the sun, when at the beach. Kogans.

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