Bribie Island Bakery

Another Pastry Run

On a recent trip to Bribie Island, just over an hour north of Brisbane in South East Queensland, I popped in to the Big Bun Bakery & Takeaway to get a coffee and some vanilla slices for smoko.

Ive found that one of my followers, and great mate, refers to these trips as ‘Pastry Runs’.

I was fortunate that Altan served me and that he remembered me. We got chatting once again and he provided me with a bit of information on the bakery and how he supports the community while looking after us travellers.

Welcome to Bribie Island

Altan’s bakery is located on the left on Benabrow Avenue in Bellara on the Island, just after you come off the bridge and take the third exit off the first big roundabout.

This 3 word address refers to the bakery’s exact 3m x 3m location. Tap the link or enter the 3 words into the free what3words app to find it.

In fact, find a park for you and your rig directly out front of the shop or the many spaces in the carpark in the middle of Benabrow Avenue cars. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a spot for the trailer either.

While you’re there, why not pop into the Visitor Information Centre just down the road. Find it here There’s toilets there too.

Not Just Pies

It was great to hear that business for Altan and the team had “been crazy building up into Christmas”.

Known locally as the ‘Big Bun’, the bakery was established in the 80’s, and has been with the family since 1993. That’s 27 years, 7 days a week with only a couple of days off each year – not bad for a small business.

Altan tells me that production starts at about 10pm each night and continues through the day with overlapping shifts – making bread, pastries, pies, sweets and special occasion cakes making everything from scratch the traditional way.

Big Bun Bribie Island’s Bakery

The Big Bun has never competed in any of the industry competitions. Preferring to simply work hard and be proud of what they do; making the best they know how. Altan pointed out that “having an award won’t change that”. Instead, he sees their reward as “seeing people come back to visit – like you Dayv!”. Gee thanks Altan, it’s a pleasure.

The bakery sees vanilla slices as a staple in their range! The Pink Vanilla slice (that I bought) are everyone’s favourite – but, Altan suggested that I switch it up a bit next time and try his “Bee Sting vanilla slice…. next level yummyness!” That sounds like a challenge Altan.

Bribie Island Vanilla Slices
The bakery has vanilla slices. Dayv has a reputation for loving this delights.

Love for the Locals and Visitors Alike

Altan has watched the island grow, along with its visitor numbers – who he sees as an integral part of his clientele. He loves welcoming visitors to Bribie and he’s always happy to help with directions and handy local tips.

He recommends that visitors check out the Bribie Island Seaside Museum in Bongaree ( as well as taking a swim by the jetty ( and just relax! Perhaps grab a pie, a drink and a pastry and roll out a blanket at an island-pace.

Altan is proud that they not only work within in the community but also live within it. Altan considers that seeing “our community thrive befits all of us personally”. He has a belief “in providing Bribie with best products; made with highest quality (ethically and sustainably) ingredients; with the best practices; made by qualified and passionate people; backed up by fantastic service”.

Well… I think he can tick those boxes.

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Bribie Island – there’s more to read – 

Please be sure to pop in and say ‘Hi’ to Altan from me – and maybe grab a Bee Sting vanilla slice. Be sure to let me know what it’s like.

POPSICLES. Bribie Island's Bakery
You may not be as big a hit as Altan’s Bakery, but you can definitely win some brownie points with the kids with a whole range of popsicles over summer
    • 1 3/4 cup Water
    • 2 tbsp Honey (sugar if YOU MUST)
    • 1/3 cup Lime or Lemon Juice (or orange)
    • 2 Kiwi – peeled
    • Into the Bullet for a zap and then pour into moulds and freeze


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