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Out&About with Dayv Checks Out the CAOS Store in Brisbane

At the Invitation of CAOS, Out&About with Dayv takes a look at their new store in Geebung, Brisbane. This store has camping, 4×4 gear, outdoors gear.

I love camping, so take a tip from Dayv and get Out&About!

And checking out a new camping haunt gives me more than tingles! The camping gadgets available these days are incredible, however remember you do not need every camping gadget to get out&about and enjoy the outdoors. In fact, I have often flopped out my swag beside the car and drifted off under the stars.

The shop itself is quite well laid out with a few little extras to make the whole experience a welcoming one for experienced and new camping and travelling individuals and families.

Join me as I take a stroll through the world of camping shop and see what makes it a great place to escape to.

Perhaps the big thing that hits me with CAOS’s gear is that there’s a whole lot of (perhaps) little things that are really handy and well priced.

Magnetic CAOS Stubby Coolers – and Yes, They Work

I snapped up a simple Anderson Plug Amp meter on my first visit – this’ll help me get an idea of the battery drain (or input) on various items I use on the road and in camp.

The range of camping goods and more

Looking through their web store I see that they have aluminium winch rings that I’m keen to get a better handle on – these got on the soft shackles  and allow you to get a mechanical advantage as a pulley or get a side pull in tricky situations.

Recovery Boards

Then there’s a range of recovery boards (Treds and MaxTrax) that’ll get you out of tricky situations. Having recovery boards on hand will also encourage others to give you that valuable assistance when needed – after all we’re all prepared to help, but it helps if you have your own gear.

Camping Gear you may need at Bargain Brices

Having said that, you can also grab a snatch strap while your in-store. This is another must have item if you plan on going off-track. Again, people are keen to help but the preference is to use your gear.

Watch the video for the scoop on CAOS

But as I say in the video… today, there’s a fine line between taking the car and rig on holiday and taking your setup off-road or down that gravel track. Hand-in-hand with this is the need to be self-sufficient off-grid or perhaps prepared to stay that extra night at what is perhaps the best campfire in the world (with a fire place).

Camping products

The camping sector is massive and companies realise the potential of the market. These days there is a product for pretty much everything.  Upmarket camping is now known as “glamping”, who would have thought? Caravans are no longer the humble little rig you towed behind your vehicle.  Even the vehicles we use to tow have moved into a different age of sophistication.

As a new camper you may feel you need all the frills of camping. The rules are, safety, comfort (keep dry and warm) and a full stomach. However, test the water first before you head out and purchase items you may not use. Getting out and pitching a tent maybe all you need and CAOS is no longer a top secret, as I have let the cat out of the bag.

This website has deals that get the travel juices flowing. Flights, accommodation and more.

Camping and travel

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