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It is easy to fall in love with your GPS

Your GPS can be your best friend when trying to negotiate you, the family, your tug and your trailer (#caravan or #camper) through strange country or busy major city roads.  I find poor ol’ Australian English – Lee (my GPS) even cops abuse, and snide comments from me at any wrong turns or missed exits far better than my Minister for Finance and War would.


Fall in love with your GPS
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Fall in love with your GPS but remember sometimes she can be wrong!

In fact, we both tend to gang up on Lee. But, don’t rely on Lee blindly… Check his intended route and where he plans on taking you before setting off.  I remember once taking the wrong road into Sydney with the 16.5ft caravan. We wanted to get to Narrabeen and ended up exiting just before the ‘Coat Hanger’. Our good mate Lee took us and the caravan through the leafy, yet winding, streets of Neutral Bay – shoulda popped into Kirrabilli. If you do miss the all too important landmark or bakery, a quick glance at the map on the screen will help – even if you haven’t told Lee where to go. You’ll be able to see the town’s road system and you can simply turn left and possibly double back on a parallel street – and possibly get a park too.

I often drive with the map on – but don’t tell Lee where I’m going. This really messes with his head. Even better, Lee won’t push his music selections on you, he won’t drink your beers and he’ll never say your late – he just adjusts your arrival time.

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