Can I overtake a turning vehicle?


So, what’s this all about and who cares?

For the purposes of camping and travel, lets look past the requirements of trucks, buses and trailers over 10 tonnes.

Looking then at tow vehicles and trailers (caravans and campers etc), there’s perhaps two questions to ask yourself.

1. Is your total rig length greater than 7.5 metres; and

2. Do you find that you have to ‘straddle lanes to turn from an adjacent lane in order to turn at intersections’ (

If you answered yes to BOTH of these questions then you MUST display the warning “DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE”.

Now this doesn’t give you some God-given right to wander the lanes free of impunity. This simply recognises (and tells other road users) that you may, on occasions, need to take a little more room than usual to negotiate that turn.

Overtaking turning vehicles

Warning to other travellers

It also warns other travellers not to do anything stupid like sneaking down your left or right side while you are indicating your intention.

You still need to check your mirrors (on all sides and often) because silly people are among us.

Similarly, if you’re following (or alongside) a rig sporting these signs, please, please, please give them the room they need – its not easy negotiating unfamiliar streets with big holiday loads.

If you’re under 7.5 metres total length you are NOT permitted to display these signs.

Compliant stickers or plates need to meet AS4001.1  and be positioned within 500mm of the left hand side of the trailer and preferably within 400mm to 1,500mm above the road surface (source:

Check regulations and road rules for overtaking turning vehicles

Please also check your relevant State or Territory’s road rules as they apply to you.

Naturally, all this applies to the trucks and buses that deserve the room they need.

Keep safe and give these stickers a wider berth.

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