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Camp Etiquettes –  More Than How You Hold Your Teacup

When you go outside the structured and controlled behaviours of organised caravan parks you shouldn’t have to step into anarchy.

Camping behaviours

But, it’s so easy when off-grid free camping to find yourself in the company of others who aren’t as well versed in doing good by others or being respectful.

I expect that many on my pages would appreciate these aspects of camping behaviours – but, I also hope that my pages welcome new campers and travellers to a ‘safe’ place.

Without going too religious, the Golden Rule applies equally in the bush – Do unto others as you would like them to do to you.

One of the most overt ways I see this happening is when campers pull up right by a tap or a table and claim it as theirs simply by proximity.

Think of other campers when you claim your camping site

Worse still is when they connect their hose to it and run it to their van.

Park near a hose by all means or perhaps run a two-way adaptor to run your hose (if you have to).

Park near a table and be prepared to share. You may even find you’ll meet the nicest people.

Camping ground at Kenilworth Camp EtiquettesCamp etiquette could be a webpage all on its own

Camping is no different to living with neighbours. Noise travels further when camping out in the open. Many campers love the isolation of camping and the peace and quiet that comes with that solitude.  Noise, light, balls, kids and pets can all be a fun part of a camping trip, but just remember not everyone will love your pets or your balls or your noise.  Or am I just getting old?

It’s often a fine point – but crossing that fine line can be so obvious once you see it.

The Golden Rules of Camping Etiquette

  • Camping noise levels. The time of the noise and the type of noise. A trail bike racing around the camp site will probably not be looked on favourably by the other campers.
  • Never leave your mark – in other words, remove your rubbish.  Take it home with you. No-one wants to set up their camp around your rubbish, so please clean up your site when leaving and take all your camping trash home with you.
  • Some areas will allow camping fires, however this does not mean you can cut down the surrounding trees as firewood. Bring your own wood.
  • Consumption of alcohol. No-one wants to be camped near a group that is rowdy due to too much drink.
  • Where you do your business. Yes, if there are no public toilets available please observe the obvious rules around where you do your business.
  • Pets. We love our dogs, but others may not be as keen on their often exuberant displays of love.

Camping at Caravan Parks

For those who prefer to camp at a caravan park, there are rules in place for campers to abide by. Having these rules does mitigate many potential confrontations and the park managers will have the last say on what can and cannot happen.  As we know at a caravan park there’s a designated caravan site space and the boundaries need to be observed.

Sometimes the sites can be rather small, as campers are squeezed into the parks (especially during peak seasons). However, do not be tempted to have your “stuff” spill over those invisible lines into the camp site next door to you.

If you are unsure – then ask

Remember campers want different things for their own version of the perfect camping trip. By all means if you have a question, ask. Most fellow campers are more than happy to share information. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they want to become life long friends. Be aware of the social cues, which are applicable whether camping or not camping.

Enjoy your camping trip and share this great country of ours.



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