Tangled extension cords

Electrical cords – could be safety hazards

Last week, I saw that a major discount supermarket chain had 15amp 240volt power leads on sale. Now that’s ok and I’ll let you be the judge on their quality for the rigours of outdoor use over extended periods. But, what you need to be aware of is that these particular leads came on a roll-up reel.

There are hazards in using extension leads while they are kept rolled up – or coiled.  Electricity travelling through cables generates heat – which under normal load circumstances is dissipated to the air or ground and the insulation around the wires are designed for that. However, when the lead is wound up (and tightly as is the case on a reel), this heat builds up and the extension lead can catch on fire – and short.

Note too that 15amps is a heavier load than the normal 10amps you have about the house. You will see on packaging for leads etc that they say “Do Not Operate While Coiled” (or similar). Please understand why they say this and place your leads next to your van, camper or outside your tent as a twisted dishevelled mess – there’s no prizes for neatness for this one.

Off Grid Power Source

Take a look at these off grid power sources, which make off-grid camping a breeze.

Click the picture below and head to Caravan RV Camping.  They have extension cords and so much more!

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