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How to protect the wine glasses – don’t break them

For me, I drink rum, whiskey, whisky or bourbon. But, after a while, I do drift on to reds or ports around the camp fire.

So, when I saw a recent post on another page asking members how they travelled with wine glasses – I thought “What! Plastic glasses and enamel mugs don’t break”.

But, then I saw all the comments come back with some pretty nifty ideas that I thought may be worth sharing – if you have to drink from glass.

Protect the wine glasses when travelling
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  • wrap them in socks
  • wrap them in bubble wrap
  • wrap them in hand towels
  • wrap them in tea towels – now that’s giving something a second use
  • pack them in their original box
  • make a box with foam inserts
  • put them in a stubby cooler – another second use
  • buy second glasses (perhaps in pairs) that can be replaced
  • drive carefully

Why protect the wine glasses when you can use plastic?

Or, of course, you could consider buying plastic glasses, enamel mugs or even keep those old jam tins.

One thing that I’ve grown to appreciate about enamel mugs is that you can get them in kick-ass sizes, they don’t break, they do chip (but each chip tells a story), you can drink soup from them and later drift into a rum etc. But the biggest feature of enamel mugs is that no one can see how much you’ve just poured yourself from your mates 10 year old port – not judging…

And why should you drink wine from a wine glass? – read more.

Keep safe and don’t spill a drop.

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