Camping with kids

Tentworld Camping ExpertsKathie Baker writes:-

There’s loads of ways to see the world. This website is all about camping and travelling and with Covid knocking at our borders the Australian Tourism Sector has changed. Our international tourists are no longer coming. However, our spike in domestic travel is surging.

Covid is challenging. Borders open and close. States and regions are in lockdown. Travel at your own peril and no amount of planning can ensure you get to your destination or home without going into isolation. This seems to be our new world.

Camping is fun

We often romanticize about camping. Things do go wrong in life and a camping trip is no different. Be prepared and organised and the camping trip’s outcome will be the trip you want.

Camping at the beach with kids

Nothing like Dayv

I confess, when it comes to camping, I am nothing like Dayv.  Dayv loves camping and lives and breathes it.  He is honestly a Camping Genius.  I by comparison am an amateur. However, I understand my comfort levels. Gone are the days of sleeping in a leaking tent on a deflated air mattress.

So, for all you out there who love the idea of camping but don’t want a lot of hard work, arguments, or discomfort then this may help.


Lists are good, because once you understand your level of comfort/discomfort you can write a list to ensure you take what you need.

  • Food list
  • Equipment list
  • Medicine/first aid list
  • Clothes list
  • We even had a list on how to set up the Jayco side popout.

These lists have standard things on them, HOWEVER can be adapted to meet the time of year and activities you plan on doing.  For example, the clothing list in summer will include, sun hats, bathers, if you intend to swim.

Some tips

    • I always take throw away clothes for the kids. I pick up clothes from the op shop and it really doesn’t matter if the kids roll around in them or climb trees.
    • Make sure you take the staples when away and rely on foods that fill the kids and the big kids.Camping and the fresh air make you hungry.
    • Insect repellent
    • A reliable and good first aid kit. Also check your ambulance cover 
    • Check the equipment before you leave. Flat batteries in a torch should never happen
    • Camp for the good weather – it is definitely more enjoyable than sitting in a tent with a 2 and 3 year old!

Camping with kids

You don’t have to travel far to have fun. With the constant Covid lockdowns many of us are looking to travel and camp local to where we live. There is nothing like spoiling a good holiday than being locked out when you want to come home.

The first step of anything is to take that first step. If you have not yet explored your own backyard, then get out there and do it.


You can mix it up because there are so many options, from tents through to glamping, caravans, RV’s, cabins, Airbnb, hotels (overseas we use hostels) and swags!

It all comes down to your own situation and how you want to enjoy being out&about!

Need some camping equipment?  Well Tentworld has a world of it.

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