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Camping in Queensland – let’s get hitched

When it comes to camping, Queensland is a great place to cut your teeth if you are new to camping.  And if you’re a veteran like me, Queensland keeps turning up gems.   From its stunning beaches and reliable weather, to the red dust of outback Queensland, camping can be a place of peace and solitude or a place bursting at the seams with fellow campers and holiday makers.

Australia is a big country with klms of nothingness. However, even that nothingness is teaming with life, if you slow down and start to see it.  The smells, the sounds, the views that change constantly as the sun changes its position will saturate your senses as you begin to unwind.

Those south of the Queensland border head there to escape the colder months of their own states.  Some fly, but those with more time drive with a caravan hitched to the back of their vehicle.   Queensland is a camping paradise – so get Out & About with Dayv as he weaves his way through the state and uncovers those places that may not yet be in the tourist brochures.

Queensland putting out the red carpet

The exciting news is Queensland has a vision. Their position is to increase the traffic coming into the state and encouraging them to stay longer.   With this in mind, we can rest assured that money from the tourist dollars flowing into the state will benefit the local economy and keep the tourists coming back for more.

More for the tourists in Queensland

On 7 June 2019, Brisbane’s newspaper, The Courier-Mail, reported that a significant economic uplift for the Brisbane region could be achieved by “getting people who already travel through the city to stay longer”. This projection is based on advice from Brisbane Marketing – who is currently working on a Vision 2031 blueprint.

While this may seem somewhat obvious, it is interesting to note the figures upon which this statement has been made. Apparently, only 30% of visitors to Brisbane do not stay in Brisbane, they simply pass through. This figure compares to 42% in Melbourne.

How long do people spend in Brisbane?

Further, the average time spent in Brisbane for those visitors who do stay is only 2.5 days. It is this figure that Brisbane Marketing wants to lift by one day. So, where can Brisbane’s visitors spend that extra day? Well, the answer to that is somewhat easier to respond to – especially when you appreciate that 70% of current visitors don’t do anything outside the Brisbane Central Business District (the city bit).

To address this Brisbane Marketing is looking to lift the visitor’s gaze on what is on offer in the larger region of the whole south-east corner – noting that “Visitors don’t recognise boundaries”. This larger region includes the Local Governments of:

  • Brisbane
  • Moreton Bay
  • Ipswich
  • Logan
  • Redland
  • Scenic Rim
  • Lockyer Valley
  • Somerset
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gold Coast

Stay an extra day in Queensland

Brisbane’s Lord Mayor supported these comments by identifying the ‘cornerstones’ of the regions tourism offering as our spectacular natural environment, local culture and lifestyle experiences.

The Courier-Mail included the initiative to increase visitor stays by one day in another article on 22 June 2019. Other ‘Action Items’ outlined in this article that I feel have stronger relevance with campers and travellers included the further development of indigenous tourism; increasing tourism in and around Moreton Bay; developing affordable packages for international tourists to visit the Outback Queensland, improving accessible tourism for visitors with disabilities and to get Queenslanders to visit more of Queensland ourselves.

Out&About with Dayv is keen to support the Queensland Government and the Local Governments of the State’s south-east corner by providing you, the camper and traveller, with some handy tips and advice on how to get out and about – and stay that extra day or more.

Tourism means money

With tourism comes tourists. Queensland is known around the world and we are lucky to have Qld in our backyard.  Travelling Australia as I have over the years, I fully support giving back to those places I visit along the journey.

Buying locally supports local communities.  Queensland is out there to shout it loud and clear.  Come to Queensland and stay longer.  We want your dollars…..Whether you come for the weather, lifestyle or rest and relaxation, Qld offers the tourist a great destination.

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