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Camping Equipment you didn’t know you needed – yes the sand tent peg

Out&About with Dayv takes a quick look at a product I saw on the shelf at the 4WD Supacentre the other week. Tent pegs designed for sand and soft ground offers the camper and traveller a quick sturdy tent peg for those times when regular tent pegs just won’t  do it. Just another option you may wish to consider and carry with you when travelling. Another option may be to look at using a ‘deadman’ anchor – but we can discuss that another time.

Tent pegs for sand and soft soil
This tent peg will hold firm in sand and soft soil. If you intend to erect a tent or sun shelter on the beach these pegs will make sure your structure doesn’t blow away.

Tentworld has Supa Tent Pegs

There’s a range of uses for these pegs – whether it be setting up the camp or going to the beach and setting up some shelter from the sun.

They are designed to work in soft ground, including sandy areas.  The 300mm Screw Peg Kit  is designed to ensure you grip the sand – in other words the peg stays in the ground, the perfect addition to any tent being utilised for beach camping.

These pegs definitely make a great addition to your camping equipment, are reasonably priced and endurable, being made from a highly visible polycarbonate plastic.

Head over to Tentworld by clicking below and have a browse at the pegs and other equipment these guys stock.

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