Gunsynd the Goondiwindi Grey

Three Big Ticket Things to Do in Goondiwindi, Southern Queensland

Goondiwindi is located in Southern Queensland, approximately 300kms west of Brisbane and sits right on the border with New South Wales – on the banks of the MacIntyre River.

If this is your stopping point for lunch or an overnight stay on your trip further west, north, east of south, then here’s my suggestion of what to keep an eye out for.

Once you’ve sampled a little of ‘Gundy’ you may decide to stay a little longer or perhaps pop in again on your way back – from where ever.

So, here’s my suggested three things to check out.

I say three because all too often webpages will say here’s the top 10 or more. My belief is that you take a small sample and, if that sample is right, it’ll lead to a taste for more or perhaps connections to a raft of other options.

Remember: Explore | Learn | Connect | Promote.

1: Gunsynd Memorial

On the northern banks of the MacIntyre River adjacent the bridge that’ll take you to Moree, New South Wales, sits the statue of Gunsynd (a racehorse).

Gunsynd, much loved for his grey coat, went on to win a string of races (29) from 1969 to 1973. In 1972, after winning the Cox Plate, he went on that year to come third at the Melbourne Cup to Piping Lane.

Gunsynd the Goondiwindi Grey
Gunsynd – The Goondiwindi Grey

If you hadn’t seen it from the signs as you drive into Goondiwindi, Gunsynd is very much a son of the town and was nicknamed the ‘Goondiwindi Grey’ after his syndicate owners’ hometown and, of course, the colour of his coat.

Gunsynd went on to be named Australia’s champion racehorse for the 1972-1973 season and was inducted into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame.


See what else you can see in town that bears the Gunsynd / Goondiwindi Grey name.

2: Goondiwindi’s Tree of Knowledge

While you’re at the Gunsynd Memorial, why not take a very short stroll across the road to the ‘Tree of Knowledge’.

For the visitor, it may be good to point out that this is a different Tree of Knowledge to that at Barcaldine (much further north). That tree was attributed as the place where, under its shading limbs, the Australian Labor Party was formed back in 1891 (source:

Goondiwindi’s Tree of Knowledge gets its name from the tradition of the locals gathering during the wet season when rains were in town or in regions further upstream. At these gatherings, the collective towns’ minds would discuss pending floods coming their way and their projected levels.

Tree of Knowledge Goondiwindi
Tree of Knowledge

Knowing this, now’s the time to check out the levee banks that surround the town (there’s one right in front of you here) and check the buildings in town for recorded flood levels.

3: The Victoria Hotel

By now, you may well have a thirst up or just a hankering for some shade and possibly a chat with a local.

So, pop on in to the Public Bar at the Victoria Hotel in the centre of town – you can’t miss it. It’s the two storey white building that dominates the intersection of Marshall and Herbert Streets with white verandas and a small tower. Check out their website for a detailed history of the pub –

If you cant find another 23 things to do in town after chatting with a local or the staff behind the bar, you’re just not trying.

You could even choose to stay the night upstairs.

If you’re quick, you might just be able to grab a Gunsynd Stubbie Cooler from the bar. They were new in town on 17 October 2020.

Victoria Hotel Goondiwindi
Victoria Hotel

Perhaps too, you could visit the Visitor Information Centre just down the road for more places to visit and things to see – see there’s another one already.

Enjoy and say Hi for me.

Victoria Hotel Queensland outback Goondiwindi
Inside the bar of the Victoria Hotel

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