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When Camping near water – throw in a wetsuit

As the temperature drops so too does the enthusiasm to jump in the water. Well, not so much the enthusiasm perhaps more the temptation…

If this is you, you’re probably missing some great waves, diving, water-skiing, kayaking, stand-up boarding or even swimming experiences.

Don’t allow the weather stop you enjoying yourself – get a wetsuit

This is where the trusty wetsuit comes in. They come in all shapes and sizes – but most importantly, thicknesses and lengths.

wear a wetsuit to protect you against the cold
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The principle of a wetsuit (as opposed to a dry suit) is that it traps a thin layer of water against the skin – insulated again by the fabric and neoprene itself. This layer of water is warmed by your body and trapped there to keep you warm

Instant warmth?   We won’t tell

Yes…. you can pee in your wetsuit but its not generally discussed. As they say, you get a warm feeling and nobody notices.

Depending on the activity (and the water temperature – and the wind, and the sun), you can consider stepping up from the basic cosy and board-shorts to a rash vest, through to a vests and jackets, on to short sleeves, long sleeves, short Johns, long Johns and steamers – and possibly boots and caps.

A Wetsuit comes in all styles, sizes and for different activities

Then there’s the zip location (back for surfing generally), different thicknesses and panel materials – each with their own benefits and advantages (including movement of arms and legs).

I remember buying my first wetsuit (Peak) when I was Windsurfing in Sydney back in the early 80’s. I still have it and I even lent it to my son recently. It’s been through the surf, rapids and just floating about. While it was good for Long Reef, it didn’t quite cut it at Cowaramup Bay on the Margaret River Coast in Western Australia,  in Winter – on an overcast day – with a stiff (45 knots) blowing in from Antartica (but then, what would?) Kid’s wetsuits – no excuse to be on the computer in the tent or van

For the kids, this is an opportunity to get them out of the tent or camper and getting more hours in the water. The stuff that’s available now is so much better than what we may have had.

I don’t know about you, but I try and jump in a pool, river or ocean whenever I can. With a wetsuit added to your wardrobe, your options are broadened – even if means a longer ‘quick’ dip in the Copper Creek in Innamincka, South Australia.

Last one in….


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Weather won’t keep me away from  the surf

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