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Barry Michael – Why I love fishing!

Written by Barry Michael.

Barry Michael, an exceptional sportsperson and an outstanding boxer still sees him on the international and national stages sharing his story with captive audiences.  He is a motivational speaker, a boxing promotor and a man who happens to love camping and fishing…..

In 1985,  the now legendary Barry Michael won the IBF world super-featherweight championship over 15 rounds.  His opponent was  fellow Australian Lester Ellis.

Barry hung up the gloves with  48 victories and three draws from 60 bouts.  Barry Michael has fought across the globe and has Commonwealth and Australian titles under his belt in addition to his world title.

Camp and Travel – Out&About with Dayv is honoured to have Barry Michael on this website, sharing some aspects of his personal life – Read on Barry:- “Why I love fishing”.

Barry Michael’s Childhood Memories of Fishing

Throughout my life one of my main loves and pursuits has been the art of fishing. Being brought up in Williamstown a beautiful bayside suburb of Melbourne I had Port Phillip Bay at my fingertips. Most days of the week I would manage to wet a line and always had Mum and Dad’s fridge full of many species of fresh fish. Flathead, Black Bream, Trevally, Barracouta, Snapper, Whiting, Rock Ling, Leather Jackets we caught them all. I still fish locally now but it seriously is not the same and some fish species are  hard to find.

I love fishing at Fishing at Hinchinbrook Island

Over the decades I have been lucky to fish all over the World with success,  but my favourite place to fish would have to be Nth Qld at Hinchinbrook Island.

It is seriously God’s country. I was introduced to Hinchinbrook and Ryan Moody’s ”Hooked On Hinchinbrook” Fishing Charters. Ryan was introduced to me by a great friend Brian Hetrelezis who unfortunately has since passed away.

Ryan Moody is now an International Guru on how to fish for basically all species including deep sea fishing for all species, but what he really specialises in is the hunt for the Iconic Aussie Barramundi over 1 metre.

Barry Michael Boxing Legend

My first trip to Hinchinbrook was a serious eye opener

We flew into Townsville and then then drove about half way to Cairns and stopped at Port Hinchinbrook. A modern, sleepy spot right next to Cardwell.

Some beautiful waterfront mansions and plenty of quality waterfront rentals at great prices – (Is this glamping?)  First trip we caught quality fish and loads of them. Barramundi, Finger Mark, Threadfin Salmon and Mangrove Jacks.

But what amazed me was the size of Hinchinbrook and the many waterways surrounding this iconic Natural Sanctuary. We saw Dugongs, Dolphins, Crocodiles, massive Sea Turtles, Sea Hawks and many other species in this heaven of a destination.

Our first day we caught heaps of fish and the man himself Ryan Moody was our guide. When we came in he cleaned the fish with some help from us and then cooked up a magnificent feast of fresh fish and of course a few wines and beers to wash it down lol.

I love fishing with Dad (father now deceased)

That was my first trip but my second trip maybe eight years ago was with my Dad Leonard. This will remain with me as one of my greatest memories ever. He was 88 at the time and in great shape at that stage.

Ryan took us out directly  from Port Hinchinbrook to maybe 200 metres from Hinchinbrook Island. We trolled with lures and over a period of maybe 3 to four hours we caught and landed 8 Barramundi between us. 4 of them were over a metre long and the other four all close to that.

Dad landed 4, which was wonderful to watch, and I landed four so it was a serious draw between us. My Father was in his element, something I often think about.  Dad is 96 now and hanging in there but a stroke 6 years ago has slowed him up a lot.

One last thing about Barramundi

When they get to a certain size they all become female.  As they are the breeders and the future of this amazing place they were set free back to a place where they could do more good than on our dinner plate.

Reef Fishing Australia

There are other charter companies at or near Hinchinbrook that do reef fishing for many magnificent species including Coral Trout and Red Emperor.   Both these are probably my favourite table fish.

If you wish to catch Marlin,  Sailfish, Mackeral, Tuna, Giant Trevally and many more you should focus on this area – whether you are an Aussie or just a very keen angler.  Get away from it all to this place which is heaven on earth and virtually untouched.  Hinchinbrook Island is a Sanctuary so absolutely nobody lives on this large island.

Throw in a line and we’ll see you on the water.


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