Winter Fuel in Your Diesel Tank

Winter Fuel in Your Diesel Tank

Here in Australia, we often don’t think too long or hard about Winter diesel fuels in our car’s tanks.

This may be because the major fuel distributors look after this for us.

Your vehicle’s fuel filter

You see, the problem is that diesel fuels generally contain naturally occurring waxes that, in colder temperatures (around and below the zeros centigrade), can solidify and block the car’s fuel filter.

Looking at the web, Shell, Caltex and BP (to name but three) distribute their various Winter Diesel blends through their various outlet locations dependant on their climatic conditions.

Selected quotes from the Fuel Companies

“Caltex Winter Diesels are distributed to meet the demands and particular weather conditions of certain areas. They are automatically dispensed through the regular diesel or Vortex Premium diesel pumps in cold or alpine areas.” (

“The diesel properties are adjusted during winter to minimise waxing in cold locations.” (

“Because our winter diesel is adjusted seasonally – and even by area – all you need to do is fill up with diesel from within the area you are operating in.” (

Caltex provide some extra advice here in that “…if you are heading to the ski fields, you should fill up closer to your final cold destination, as the diesel in a town like Jindabyne or Mansfield will be Caltex Alpine Diesel, and best suited to prevent waxing while you are in the snow country”. Read more on snow chains.

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In Colder Climates what do you do?

If you do forget and find yourself in the hills with the warmer climate fuel say “…if staying overnight when the temperatures really drop to 0°C or below, it can render your vehicle immobile, often resulting in it being towed down the mountain to thaw out the next day”. Or, you could just sleep in and wait for the day to warm up.

So please, keep safe and remember to plan your fuel tank fills.

Winter Fuel in Your Diesel Tank.

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